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Marantz SA8005 - HiFi Choice apdovanojimas

Puikiai skambantis, kokybiškai pagamintas vidutinės klasės grotuvas.

Daugiau apie produktą.


"This Marantz has the feel of a good camera; all the controls are crisp, positive and delicate. The brushed metal fascia is superb…"

"…the Marantz hits the spot perfectly; it is a powerful and confident sounding machine, far more so than any budget CD player or DAC…"

"There's lots of detail, a strong bass, a decently open and realistic midband and a smooth, warmish treble. Stereo imaging is expansive and image location within it pretty good…."

"The player really catches the timing of the music, and gives a great sense of flow from verse to chorus to verse. It unravels the various layers of the mix in an easy, unaggressive way..."

"…it's hard to think of anything that is such a good all rounder. And surely that is what it has been designed to be."


"…Factor in its fine build quality, and what's not to like about this swish machine?"


"Super sounding, well made mid-price disc spinner"